Little Nightmares – Nintendo Switch


Trailer, thoughts & first impression

When I saw the trailer I was really excited to play this game! The graphics were amazing and I thought the story would be really awesome. I was surprised by all the monsters and the colour palette they used for the game. Everything is really dark, moody and grey and the main character Six is a really small bright yellow character. The characters are all big, slimy, fat and they are looking all really sad and angry. When I searched for the storyline it was really hard to find so there was no clue what I could expect about this game. You just have to face your nightmares and bring Six to safety. This made me really curious so I couldn’t wait to start!

The Game

Okay.. I am, TOTALLY confused! Really what did I just play? and how are people obsessed with this game???
I finished this game in like 1,5 to 2 hours and there was just no story line. I am a bit upset with this game, I mean the graphics were fantastic and the design of the characters was brilliant. Now I finished I have no idea what was going on in the game. I got so many questions and I really want to figure them out. Like why am I on a ship? Why are there fat people trying to eat me, why am I eating people and a sort of small gnome with a party hat. What am I doing with those gnomes and why am I breaking dolls with black smoke in it. There is just no logic to it. Also you have to figure out a lot. It feels more like a puzzle game than a horror adventure game. The horror was for me a bit weak, there were not really jump scares or scary moments (maybe because I am a horror fan), for people who are sensitive for horror, this can be quite a scary game. So am I a fan of this game, no, not really. I love absolutely love the design and how they made the game, but it is not strong enough for me.

Little Nightmares II

Next, will I play Little Nightmares II? I think I will watch the gameplay first. I already saw on someones gameplay that this game will take like 4 hours to finish… so it is a bit longer then part one. I first want to see the whole gameplay if it is worth the money. The game is also looking really awesome in the forest with the cabins and the creepy characters… but if the story is as bad as part 1, I am not willing to spend my money on this. For me the storyline is one of the most important things in a game and in a movie. A horror movie without a good story is terrible! So let’s watch the gameplay and maybe I will post a new review of this game later this month! 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: $18



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