Journal with me!

A look forward and getting everything together

From New Year until now

In the last couple of months I have been busy with decorating and redesigning my journal. I think it is a great way to collect all notes, lists and important dates. I won’t use it as a normal planner, because that will cost a lot of time that I don’t have. When I started this journal I already knew it was going to be a really decorative journal with many lovely pictures, drawings and stickers from a lot of different artists. There will be a few “standard” pages in this journal every month like:

– Important dates
– School deadlines
– Cutie Squad spreads
– Blog posts to make
– Instagram status
– Sticker & button ideas
– Stats
– To do lists

So the months will be filled really well. I also got a great collaboration with the brand Cutie Squad, this later in the post. To start the months I have been searching a lot on Etsy for some new designs and decoration. Sadly it is quite hard to find anything good, shipping has been really expensive since Covid. I am busy making stickers too… but the shipping is killing it.


A couple of weeks ago I had contact with my friend Gladys from the brand Cutie Squad about an awesome collaboration. I am going to make some beautiful and cute pages for her brand in all sort of different themes. Her stickers are always making me really happy and they really fit to all themes you want to create. 
I have always been obsessed with the kawaii style like the stickers from Cutie Squad. In London in 2012 I saw a really cute Japanes store with all things from Sailor Moon, Totoro, Hello Kitty and a lot of clothing from Angelic Pretty. I was obsessed with the designs and the adorable style. Then in 2017 I went to Tokyo and I didn’t know what I saw, the maid cafe’s, themed restaurant and the kawaii streets. These stickers are making me think about these amazing holidays and the lovely culture. 

I already got some amazing themes in mind with those stickers and most of them will be movie themed and seasonal, but I think there will be also a lot of surprise pages. You can follow Cutie Squad on Instagram for more amazing designs, prints, stickers, plushies and a lot of other merchandise!


I really changed my Instagram for the last couple of weeks. Normally I was busy posting some random private photos, but since a few weeks ago I have been really busy with creating a theme for my account, thinking about what I post and create photos for specific brands. I wanted to do something more than just random posting my weird life. So now my account Maudofzoiets has turned out into an aesthetic page… I think 😀 I am also really happy with the preset I created, it is really warm and the colours are matching really good. I will use my page also to show my BJ pages. They are quite nice to show ( I think) and they are fitting really beautiful into my feed. I will use my BulletJournal for reviews on my Instagram too. Only trackers and that kind of lists are not made for me (whoops), I just thought that I haven’t fill in any of the habit trackers from may! ( BIG WHOOPS!!)

I hope you all will enjoy my journal spread and the new look of my Instagram. Hopefully this all will make my planning skills (which I don’t have) a bit stricter. Yes… I know I promised to write more blog posts.. but this what I meant about being chaotic and ignoring lists 😛 I am already done with another post, so at the end of this week there will be another blog post! 

Love ya all!



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