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Traveling & Watching,
I’m a Photographer.

I look at the world in a complete different way. In my eyes, nothing is boring or dark. Every single item I can make it look interesting to millions of eyes. I have learned to see in textures, colours and patterns, so the most important thing to have is a camera and a good vision of the world.

My Services

Are you thinking about getting a new profile picture, some new photos for you store or restaurant, or maybe you want a complete new setting for your feed. This is what I can do for you.

Store & Business

Creating detailed photos and environment pictures for your own store or business. You can get a photo serie with 5, 10 or 15 pictures. 

Social Media

Want to get a nice Social Media feed with pictures that fit to each other? I can help you with this. For your social media I can help you with 15 pictures and a Lightroom Preset that I will create for you.

Food & Drinks

Need some stunning photos for your new recipe or for your food blog? For this I can create a photo serie or I can make pictures when you need it.


A new profile picture, some new photos for your Social Media or a photo serie for your portfolio. All can be done here, check out people and portraits for examples.

Preset Development

Creating a theme for your business or social media is really hard and let the photos match is even harder. I can create for you a set of Lightroom Presets that match with your style and feed.


If you want to have some new photos for your web store or to show your products online, I can make for you a photo series that will be stylised for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of files will i get?

When you order your photoshoot I will ask how many pictures you want to have. After this you can choose if you want to have the photos edited or RAW. If you would like to have edited photos only I will only send the JPG files, but you can also choose to have the RAW files or both.

Can I edit the photos myself?

Yes you can edit the photos yourself. I can send you the RAW files so you can edit them in Lightroom or an other editing app. But if you edit them yourself you still have to give me the credits for taking the picture. 

Are the photos free to use?

Yes, you can use your own pictures where you want, but you still need to give me the credits. Other photos on my website or Instagram are not allowed to use. 

Can i have your lightroom presets?

Yes you can use a few of my Lightroom presets for personal use only. At each category you can find some free to use presets to download for your Lightroom. 

Can you create a preset for me?

Yes! I can. If you need a new preset package for your Instagram account or your photo serie I can help you by creating a nice themed package what fits to your photos. 

for what sorts of photos can i hire you?

You can hire me for a lot of photos. I can do portrait photography, photography for your business Instagram page, travelling pictures for a blog, store photography and many more.

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