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The last 3 months I have made a lot of new drawings. I was searching around on Instagram and I found some awesome people which are inspiring me a lot. I created a new page on Instagram with a complete new name and clean, brand new feed. I also found some great artists on Instagram. I made a list with 10 artists I really like.


Say hello to artist no 1 Laia López. Laia is a freelance art student from Barcelona. Her first drawings on Instagram started in 2012, her first drawing posted on Insta was a realistic drawing of Adam Levine (901 likes) .. and this was really great. She created more and more realistic art but then she discovered her own style. The realistic look got replaced by a cute and awesome cartoon style. Laia had a tumblr then with the name Flawlessbieber. Her drawing of Selena and Justin turned out really great. Between then and now she evolved her art so great! 418k is the number of followers on her page. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Devaintart, Twitter, sociaty6 and Redbubble.


Next artist is Qinni. Quinni is a proffecional artist from Canada. She started her instagram page in 2014. Her first drawing posted was a jungle painting (3710 likes). After that she started with drawing people and fantasy drawings. She mostly draws traditional but she is also very great in digital work. She has a lot of followers on her Insta page! 848K followers. Oh and for the people who don’t know what the K means…. this means thousand, so around the 848.000 followers. You can find her on Instagram, YouTube, Deviantart, Tumblr and Facebook.


Rianbowart.. Rainbowart.. The name says enough. Meet Rian Gonzales! This artist from the Philippines is really good in making traditional work. Rian started her Insta page she made her first drawing in 2012. This was a random girl sketch (44 likes). She is not as famous as the girl above this one.. but with her 38.4K follwers she is one of my favorites. Her style is really colorfull and she mostly draw human characters. She has her own style, a combination of manga, cartoon and yeah.. Rianbowart. Now it is hoping she will make more awesome art and make her own YouTube channel and that she will hit the 100K in 2016 or 2017! You can find this awesome girl on Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, Facebook and Tumblr.


Another very popular artist is miss Loïs van Baarle. Loïs is like me a Dutch artist. In her bio on Facebook she says that she is making art since the day she could hold a pencil. Her first digital painting was in 2003. Loïs is a real travel girl. She has travelled all over the world inclusive the US, Indonesia, France and Belgium… but for now she is living in the lovely city Utrecht in Holland. Her style is Semi Realistic and she is mostly drawing digital. She also have her own book.. how cool is that! I really want that book because her art is really, really great and you can learn a lot of it! Currently Loïs has 530K followers on Instagram and her first drawing over there was a drawing of a bird (242 likes) published in 2013. You can follow Loish on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and you can find her on her own website


Mioree is cute.. that is just a fact. Currently she is making awesome lifestreams on Twitch. You can learn from her, talk to her and having fun with her and her followers. She has her own style which is mostly realistic or pin-up. At Instagram she has 94.5K followers.. Almost 100K so please help her with this goal. Her first drawing was a random sketch (294 likes) of a devil girl? I dunno but it is cute. This drawing was made in 2012 and she only has posted 150 posts on Insta. You can find her on Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Tumblr.


Yaay another great artist in Holland! This is Laura and Laura is really great in making digital art. The way she works is really great. She draws (traditional with a pencil) herself or someone else and then she make it fill everything in digital (with a tablet or mouse… I dunno). On her Instagram page you will find her outfit of the day pictures with a digital drawing next to it.. this is very great and very creative.. Laura has got 861K followers.. YES!!! THIS IS NOT A LIE! She really deserve this! Her first drawing on Insta is… *scrolling down and down… and down (1546 posts).. and once again down* … was a drawing of a cute boy with a cat.(819 likes) .. posted in 2012. She evolved her style very good.. I can’t wait to see more and…… to meet her again 😀 You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Deviantart and YouTube.


This drawing above stops my heart… Miss Destiny without a name is a self thought artist from the United Kingdom. Her art is very popular.. she got 25.1K on Instagram.. WHY I DON’T KNOW SHE DESERVES MANY MORE! and 122K watchers on Deviantart. I really want to meet this girl. Her art is an inspiration to everyone and the story behind her art amazing. Her first drawing on Instagram was a little cute girl (729 likes) posted in 2014. She only got 107 posts on instagram but I know.. that there will be more! I can’t wait! You can follow her on Instagram, Deviantart, Facebook and you should all visit her at the cons she is joining!


If you love manga and a lot of color… you should all check out Miss Lärienne! Lärienne has some great work all manga related. She is working wit a lot of tools like ink, watercolor and copics. At her Deviantart page she has got amazing tutorials how to draw in her style. Her first drawing on Instagram was a drawing of the amazing, the one and only Sailor MOON!.. with only 2762 likes.. ( I wish I had them). Lärienne is very popular on Instagram with her 237K followers. You can find Lärienne at Instagram, Facebook, Deviantart and Pixiv.


What to say about this one?! I don’t know if Numyumy is a real name or just an online name… but her art is great. Numy is a freelance, professional, digital artist. Numy is a 23-years-old Spanish girl with a big passion for portraits and people. Her feed on Instagram is really, really great that is why she has 267K followers. Her art is more fantasy/realistic. You can learn a lot from her if you want to draw realistic art. Her first Instagram drawing post was a really cute drawing of Merida from the Disney movie Brave (9624 Likes). This drawing was published in 2015!.. so she got her followers in only one year! You can follow Miss Numy on Instagram, Facebook, Deviantart, Twitter and Patreon!


Meet the master of cuteness! Joanna Ladowska is a professional artist based in the United Kindom. Her art is very soft and clean. She uses copic markers to color her art and this looks very great! Her style is more manga than realistic but the way she color her art and create her work.. looks realistic! Ladowska got 91K followers on Instagram but I know and I feel that she will get many more in the future! Her first drawing on Instagram was a very beautiful sketch of a very beautiful girl (1451 Likes)! This drawing was posted this year! This was an incredible year for Miss Ladowska! You can follow her on Instagram, facebook and Deviantart!

I really hope you all like this post! Who is your favorite artist and have you ever noticed this artists? 

Love you all!

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