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Hi! My name is Maud de Laat and I am a student graphic design at SintLucas Boxtel. 3 Years ago I started as a student media management in Eindhoven. This education was not the education what I was looking for, school decided that I was too creative for this study and I shouldn’t do managment. This was really hard because I didn’t knew what to do now. After a month or two I finally found the thing I really like to do. I like to design characters, logo’s and other digital work, so graphic design was a thing that should fit me instead of the management side. I teached a lot by myself. Like how to work with Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, but also how to work with a Nikon camera, different lenses, I created a special style in photography and I teached myself how to work with Copic Markers, watercolor and how to create characters with a story

So how can I help you! I can help you by making photographs for your business, I can make a logo for your brand, business cards, brand manuals and many more…
But there are many kind of graphic designers, what makes you special? Well I always hear from people that my imagination is huge. I like to see things in a different way and if I have a project I will think big in a special way… my way. 

I love my imagination, for example I work in themepark the Efteling in Kaatsheuvel. One of the most inspiring places I know. It is a huge fairytale park with a lot of details in the decoration. I am also an actress and that is how I train my improvisation skills. In my sparetime I love to discover new places and cultures. Travelling is one of my favorite things to do. You can learn so many things from other people. 




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